Converts video files and DVD movies into some of the Xbox 360-compliant formats
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DVD to Xbox 360 is a powerful video transcoder the main aim of which is to provide you with an easy and quick way to convert video files and DVD movies - either from DVD or from a folder containing DVD files - into a variety of Xbox 360-compliant video files without any loss of video or audio quality.

A very important detail to take into account about this program is the fact that it will not allow you to convert the video of any DVD that is copy protected. Its interface is a bit rude and not very attractive, but it provides all the tools you need to configure and execute your conversion processes all within a single-window environment. It allows you to choose the target's device name, but, of course, Xbox 360 is the only one available. You can also select the source type among video file, DVD/VIDEO_TS Folder, and a list of all the DVD drives available in your system (DVD to Xbox 360 automatically scans your system and creates that list).

In the case of a DVD or a folder, you can also choose which title and which chapters to convert. Furthermore, you can define the destination name and its location, the format (among MP4, M4V, MKV, AVI, and OGM), if you allow the output file size to be large, if you want it to be web optimized, and if it should be iPod 5G compatible. After that, you can find a set of tabs that allows you to personalize your audio and video settings, so that you can get exactly the results you want.

There is, for example, the "Picture settings" tab, where you can select the crop mode (automatic or customized for all four edges), adjust the video size, and select a number of additional filters like decomb, deinterlace, and denoise. The "Video" tab, on the other hand, permits you to establish the video codec, the frame rate, the target size, the average bit rate and - optionally - grayscale and/or 2-pass encoding. The rest of the tabs will allow to you change many additional parameters, like the audio and subtitle tracks to extract from the DVD, and all the advanced H.264 options.

The conversion process is fast and the results are good, as promised. Unfortunately, this trial version of the program allows you to use it one for three times, which, for many inexperienced users may result too few to fully test it and make a decision about buying it or not.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Provides in a single window all the tools you need to configure your conversions
  • Allows you to choose which titles and subsets of chapters you wish to convert
  • Allows you to fully customize your audio and video settings for more precise results
  • Produces high-quality results


  • Trial version allows you to use it only three times
  • Does not allow you to convert from copy-protected DVD discs
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